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We believe that the unsane  should  participate as an actor  in his own  upbringing. For  example…


Beyond our actions and activities with young people; our mission in the context of youth entrepreneurship is…


“The lack of assistance,  fear, the  search for easy gain or the poor supervision of  young entrepreneurs…


We want not only to attract entrepreneurs but above all entrepreneurs who invest with the…

a few words about us

OCEANE GROUP is an organization of people working to promote the economic development of Africa in general and Cameroon in particular    since 2012;   officially in 2016. Its vision is to encourage    and support young people to position themselves as actors (entrepreneurs) of development, by associating with their potential, knowledge through a good to obtain concrete and very high   value-added companies.

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We have formed partnerships with reputable companies  like Conseil Fisk to provide Tax and Legal consulting and CDI and Columba Ventures as tech solution providers.


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We have a staff of experienced persons with good knowledge in the field of project development and management.


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Our staff is a dedicated team full of youthful energy who do not lack the drive and passion to serve the community. They can be counted upon. 

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